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Voice Recognition

Staff Directory

Office Staff

Dr. Martin Nalls
Head of School
Dr. Dylan Ferniany
Chief Academic Officer
Ms. Magaly Monzon
Dr. Tamala Maddox
i3 Middle School Principal
Ms. Rachel Phillips
Communications Manager
Ms. Tamara Tye
Middle School Office Assistant

Student Services/Support Team

Mr. Christopher Bouyer
Social Worker
Nurse Tanya Kendrick
Health and Wellness Coordinator
Nurse Sara Ebersold
School Nurse
Ms. Desiree Spencer
Community Liaison
Ms. Kendall Salter
ELL Coordinator/ Testing Coordinator

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Yvette Alexander
Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. LaPrecious Brown
Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. LaQuita Bush
Kindergarten Paraeducator
Mr. Ken Northup
Kindergarten Paraeducator
Ms. Jessica Odum
Kindergarten Paraeducator
Ms. Diana Prutzman
Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade Team

Ms. Rachel Balentine
1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Andre Calhoun
1st Grade Para
Ms. Laura Deskin
1st Grade Paraeducator
Jennifer Hurd
1st Grade Paraeducator
Ms. Shannon Moore
1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Antonio Shackleford
1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Team

Ms. Amber Davis
2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Amber Jefferson
2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Angelica Lewis
2nd Grade Paraeducator
Mr. Rashad Patterson
2rd Grade Paraeducator
Mr. Stevie Polk
2nd Grade Paraeducator

3rd Grade Team

Mr. Nathaniel Dunn
3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Khristan McAdory
3nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Sylvia Mooney
MakerSpace Teacher
Ms. Aneyea Rice-Jones
3rd Grade Paraeducator

4th Grade Team

Ms. Ashley Davenport
4th Grade Teacher
Andrew Jackson
4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Team

Ms. Ava Brown
5th Grade Teacher

6th Grade Team

Ms. Lise Falconer
6th Science
Mr. Devin Hudson
6th Grade Paraeduator
Ms. Brenda Hughes
5th Grade Paraeducator
Ms. Julie Ramsay
6th Grade ELA
Ms. Kaite Rowland Ellis
6th Social Studies

Special Education - Elementary

Mr. Victor Ash
Elementary School SPED Paraeducator
Ms. Lisa Harrison
Elementary School SPED paraeducator
Ms. Lamartra January
Elementary School SPED Paraeducator
Ms. Katy O'Quinn
Elementary School SPED Teacher
Ms. Katie Toler Read
Elementary School SPED Paraeducator

Academic Support Team

Ms. Corey Gant
ARI Reading Coach/Dyslexia Specialist
Ms. Kornelia McDaniel
Elementary School Gifted Teacher
Mr. Jonathan Ruiz
Math Lab Paraeducator
Ms. Ashley Russell
Literacy Interventionist
Ms. Faith Whitlock
Math Instructional Coach

Specialty Teachers/Enrichment Team

Ms. Sara Beth Fuller
Wellness Coach
Mr. Michael Johnson
Music Teacher
Lee McAnally
Art Teacher
Ms. Amanda Mullins
Wellness Paraeducator


Dr. JohnMark Edwards
i3 Middle School Tech Integration Specialist/Instructional Support
Trevor Hauenstein
Ms. Krystal Wright
Technology Integration Specialist