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Free Health Coaching


Sign up TODAY with UAB’s Dynamic Health Program! It’s like having a FREE Health Coach

Dynamic Health is run by medical students, under the observation of faculty, at University of Alabama School of Medicine (UABSOM) in Birmingham, Alabama under the Office of Service-Learning who believe in serving our community. They cannot replace the knowledge of your medical providers, but they can dedicate the time to improving your health outside the doctor's office.

Specific Services Offered (We offer whatever services are best for your specific needs):

  • Monthly one-on-one health coaching in nutrition, exercise, and disease education (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)

  • Health Maintenance Check-Ins

  • Communication via Zoom, Phone, Email, etc.

Starting this year, Dynamic Health will be collaborating with the School of Medicine free student run clinic, and Equal Access Birmingham (EAB). This means that any Dynamic health participants who are uninsured can be referred to EAB and get seen in the clinic by medical students and an attending physician. (Link for information about EAB:

How does this work?

People interested in participating in this program will fill out a distributed sign up sheet via google forms. This sign up form will remain open until Oct. 15, 2022. Once participant in-take has been completed, each person who signs up will be paired with a medical student based on services they would like to participate in and availability. After each medical student has their participants, they will reach out and set up an initial meeting to introduce themselves and learn more about the participants health care goals. After this initial meeting, they will continue to schedule meetings (either bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed) to work together to help each participant with accomplishing those goals."

Families can sign up using the link provided below. Participants can choose to have one-time services or a consistent long-term utilization of services.

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