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I3 Academy's aim is to prepare our students for success in academics and in life by addressing the whole student. We recognize our students’ success is influenced by a variety of factors. These factors include their physical, social, emotional, and nutritional health. The community-at-large also greatly influences our students’ health and wellness. i3 Academy will seek to include all stakeholders in our mission of including health and wellness to prepare our students for academic and life success. 

I3’s approach to Wellness emphasizes a school-wide approach, acknowledging learning and health. Research shows that academic achievement improves when students are engaged in a healthy, active lifestyle. Our goal is to work alongside all stakeholders and share a common vision of supporting the health and academic achievement of all students. Through this  collaboration, we desire for all students at i3 to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. 

The students of Iwill take part in daily Wellness classes (traditionally called Physical Education). Our Wellness program for grades K-5 will focus on physical literacy by emphasizing the introduction and refinement of fundamental motor skills and introducing sport skills and modified games. Students are introduced to the concept that physical activity is an essential component of physical literacy and are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility in making lifestyle choices. Health-related fitness content is introduced and integrated into Wellness lessons to provide students with the ability to make healthy choices and to emphasize the importance of physical activity for social, mental, and physical health, all of which contribute to wellness for a lifetime.

A physically literate individual is defined as a person who has the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person. i3 Wellness classes curriculum will be based from the Alabama State Course of Study. The AL COS 5 anchor standards are: Movement and performance, Movement concepts, Personal and Social behavior, Physical activity and Fitness, Value of Physical Activity. provide a vision of what it means to be a physically literate person at each grade level. Although it is not specifically articulated in the standards, the mind-body connection, which contributes greatly to a well-rounded education, is a core concept in everything taught in physical education. Growing research continues to show that increased academic success correlates with increased physical activity.